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In addition to being in compliance with state laws, it is very important that an approved and working backflow device be installed to prevent the cross contamination of water from your irrigation system into your drinking water system. Without a backflow preventer, a loss of pressure in the city water supply can cause the "backflow" of water from the irrigation system into your drinking water, causing possible contamination by fertilizers, pet wastes, and other toxic materials.

We provide full backflow services, including the installation of new backflow preventers and repair to existing systems. Our service is very fast and we will normally complete backflow certification same day or next. We cover Las Vegas and all surrounding areas of greater Las Vegas. Backflow Prevention is an important part of the plumbing code. Backflow is usually pretty dry and boring until somebody starts to vomit or get sick with intestinal problems. That is when the investigations start. Who installed the sprinkler system with out a permit? We did not know we needed a plumber to fix that leak. Did we need to get that inspected?

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You can call us at 702-281-9338 and we'll be happy to send out a backflow inspector to discuss your needs. Or, you can e-mail us at and tell us the best way to contact you.

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